Aga Khan Library, London

The Aga Khan Library is a shared library between the Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations – Aga Khan University, to support teaching and research in the Institutes.

The Library is also committed to fostering knowledge of Islam, past and present, and to facilitating access to resources on the history, faith and cultures that comprise the Muslims in general and the Ismaili Shi‘a community, in particular, to external researchers and students.

The Aga Khan Library occupies state-of-the-art facilities that offer a conducive research space supported by an extensive collection of modern works on subjects of interests to the Institutes, in a remarkable variety of Eastern and European languages. The Library is also the proud custodian of several collections of unique resources, precious manuscripts, and rare books, many of them donated by acclaimed scholars in the field of Islamic Studies.

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Aga Khan Library Digital Collections

The Aga Khan Library Digital Collections platform is a project intended to digitise, preserve and facilitate research in the Aga Khan Library special collections. Please, follow the link to access high quality copies of some of the most valuable materials in the library collection.

Visiting the Aga Khan Library

The Aga Khan Library welcomes external visitors requiring access to its collections. To enquire about our membership and services, including interlibrary loans, please email: