The inaugural IIS/AKU-ISMC Graduate Conference: Methodologies in Islamic Studies is a pioneering collaboration between The Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Aga Khan University – Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations to showcase student-led research at both institutions.

The conference features a wide range of speakers from the IIS and AKU-ISMC programmes presenting on various topics in Islamic studies. The presentations are divided into four thematic panels:

  • Medieval Ismailis and Peoples Under their Rule
  • Contemporary Ismaili Communities
  • Rethinking Islamic History and Living Islam
  • Muslim Interactions with the World

Presentations will be followed by a concert entitled “Musical Aesthetics of the Muslim World” (please register separately).

The IIS/AKU-ISMC Graduate Conference will be streamed to the Global Jamat and other constituents of the IIS and AKU-ISMC around the world via Zoom

Please note filming and photography will be taking place throughout this event, and may be used for marketing and educational purposes by IIS, and shared with our partners for the same purposes. By registering for this event, attendees consent to this.

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