Voices from the Roof of the World

23 January – 12 February 2023

For three weeks, Aga Khan Centre Gallery is showcasing a series of films from the incredible Voices from the Roof of the World documentary series.

Voices from the Roof of the World is an environmental documentary series sponsored by the Aga Khan University, Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, Aga Khan Foundation and University of Central Asia, that aims to raise awareness around the climate crisis in the earth’s highest mountain region stretching from the Pamirs to the Himalayans.

Home to 240 million people and countless rare and endangered species, these mountains are also the largest depository of ice outside the polar caps.  Temperatures across these mountains are rising faster than global averages and melting glaciers and unpredictable snow and rain are threatening life and traditions of mountain communities and the water tap to nearly two billion people living downstream. The VRW project supports local filmmakers to tell their stories.

Voices from the Roof of the World Season 2: Stories of survival on the frontlines of climate change